Repeat Prescriptions

A repeat prescription is an item of medication that your GP allows you to re-order each month without a consultation being necessary. This item appears on your ‘repeats list’.

Please ask our staff at the prescriptions desk if you would like a copy of your list or are unsure what this is.

You can order repeat medication in the following ways:

  • Order your repeat medication.
  • Online – Use our online services. Please register if you have not already, and pop into the surgery for a username and password (this is the same system to book an online appointment). Please bring in photo ID.
  • Electronic Prescription Service – You should register and nominate a pharmacy for future dispensing. This pharmacy can be changed at any time to any pharmacy in ENGLAND. For more information, please see our EPS leaflet.
  • In person – There is a ‘letterbox’ at the prescription desk where repeat requests can be dropped in and prepared for collection later.
  • By post – Please include a stamped addressed envelope if you want us to post it back to you.
  • Via the prescriptions room button on the home screen.


Any item that is not on your repeat list can still be requested. Please note that this is a request and not a guarantee of supply.

Please do not expect your request to be dealt with immediately as we have over 7,000 prescription item requests every week to process.


Your prescription will be sent online directly to your pharmacy of choice.

Any regular repeat medication requests will be forwarded to the chosen collection point within 24 hours. If ordering over a weekend or bank holiday, please be aware this will be processed the following working day.

Requests for medication not on your repeat list, will take up to 48 hours for a GP to action if deemed appropriate to do so.

Please ensure that your medication is ordered early during the holiday periods, especially Easter, Christmas and bank holidays.

Supplying a month’s (28 days) worth of medication at a time is a requirement set out by the medicines management team NHS England.

Medication Review

Certain medication requires you to have regular blood pressure checks, blood tests or to attend specialist clinics. You will see on your repeat list how many repeats you have left by the number down the right hand column. When this figure reaches 0 you will need to request an appointment before your next order.

We can also send an SMS message to you if we have access to your mobile telephone number, to advise of any appointments required for your medication.

If your medication is reviewed by a hospital consultant or clinic, please request that all test results are forwarded to your GP so we are not required to duplicate tests. All medications require at least an annual review, even if you have not used all your authorised repeats from your GP.

Prescription administration staff are unable to change or review your medication, they are also unable to issue medication not signed/authorised by a GP.

Prescription Fees

View the cost of prescriptions on the NHS website.

You can also find out if you are entitled to free prescriptions